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P & C Insurance Pool

Workers’ Compensation and General Liability Coverage

MSA was formed to provide a way for Regional Government Services Authority and Local Government Services Authority to share workers’ compensation and property & casualty insurance risk and purchasing sharing. Soon after formation, MSA had the opportunity to be a founding member of the Municipal Insurance Cooperative (MIC), a joint powers authority with greater purchasing power.


Municipal Insurance Cooperative (MIC) is a purchasing pool for public agencies to have better purchasing power in the workers’ compensation and property & casualty insurance marketplace. MIC is unique in the pooled insurance field because it is not a risk sharing pool. It helps agencies increase their buying power, with each agency able to manage its own risks and select its level of self-insured retention.
Current member agencies include:

  • Municipal Services Authority (Regional Government Services Authority & Local Government Services Authority)
  • City of Upland
  • City of Cudahy